Aerostatic/vade collaboration "Transmissions from a Dying Planet" has been selected by curator Elizabeth Keithline for her show "A Tool Is A Mirror."

Here's an excerpt from Chris Bergeron's review in the MetroWest Daily News:

"Perhaps the most striking, "Transmission from a Dying Planet" appears to be a sort of last will from a doomed civilization that takes the form of fragmentary messages that scroll across a computer screen.

"There was nothing to be gained." "Anger more than careless." "Another private key." "Horrified face."

Created by Terry Golob, Michele Darling and Vade, also known as Anton Marini, the video combines the foreboding and immediacy of radio chatter in Ridley Scott's "Alien" with an apocalyptic sense of the last survivors signing off before the darkness engulfs them."

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