re:VISION 2010

Winter and Spring season 2010 Aerostatic was commissioned to compose and perform pieces for re:Vision, the monthly interactive audio/visual/dance event at the Secret Theater in Long Island City.  These performances were sponsored and curated by Forward Motion Theater and Urban Wash Dance Co.



"Crack'd Beauty"  Dancer: Oceane McCord | Choreographer: Eric Dunlap | Visuals: wetcircuit | Music: Aerostatic

"Drink the Kool-Aid" Dancer/Choreographer: Rebekah Kennedy | Visuals: Mikhail Torich | Music: Aerostatic

"Anatomy" Dancer/Choreographer: Eric Dunlap | Visuals: wetcircuit | Music: Aerostatic




Suspended Life

"Suspended Life" David Rorie's latest short film uses Aerostatic track "Funck" as subtext for this documentary short about a young woman's fetish-centric performance art.  Disturbing yet sweet.