Description:  Intra-Structure is an on-going, site specific, audio visual performance piece that integrates the sonic and visual components of a given performance space as the fundamental source material for the performance itself.  The first performance of Intra-Structure was Under the Arch of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  

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Artist Statement:  Intra-Structure is a lense and microphone aimed at a disintegrated continuum: A dissection and re-synthesis of perception.  Existing environments both natural and man-made captured then re-generated with voltage and light. A non-linear palimpsest amplified and projected with the accuracy and ambiguity of dream state; then sifted and analyzed as data not limited by strict rules of logic, time or space.


Visuals:  Anton Marini/vade | Music & Sound Design: Aerostatic | Sound Reinforcement: Rooftop Films

Audio Samples Recorded by: Michele Darling, Audio f/x Lab | Photos: James M. Daniel