Aerostatic member Terry Golob has a new demo of the work he's done in Children's Media.  Clients include Sesame Workshop, Note to Health, Two Kazoos, & The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


Aerostatic member Terry Golob's new Lighting, Camera and Editing Reel.  

Credits:   Music - "Be Mine Tonight"  Girls Like Bass           

:03  Sesame Workshop "Smells Like a Monster"....Lighting/Camera | :08 Sesame Workshop "Muppet Host Website" ...Lighting/Camera/Emmy Award Winning Website | :13 Girls Like Bass "Systematic" Editor/Co-Director |  :23  Richard Devine/Sony Music...DP/Editor | :29 Monstah Black "Black Moon"...Camera | :46  Nicholai Centennial/FMT...Camera/Editor   :59  Brian Kane/Murphy and Dine Gallery...Camera/Editor | 1:11  Newport Classic...Camera | 1:17 Billy Newman Quintet...Camera | 1:24  Monstah Black and The Sonic Leroy...Camera | 1:36  Barefoot Walking Mermaid Day Parade...DP/Editor | 1:43  Alien Nation @ Cielo...Camera/Editor | 2:21  CoolDown @ the Secret Theater...Camera 



Aerostatic/vade collaboration "Transmissions from a Dying Planet" has been selected by curator Elizabeth Keithline for her show "A Tool Is A Mirror."

Here's an excerpt from Chris Bergeron's review in the MetroWest Daily News:

"Perhaps the most striking, "Transmission from a Dying Planet" appears to be a sort of last will from a doomed civilization that takes the form of fragmentary messages that scroll across a computer screen.

"There was nothing to be gained." "Anger more than careless." "Another private key." "Horrified face."

Created by Terry Golob, Michele Darling and Vade, also known as Anton Marini, the video combines the foreboding and immediacy of radio chatter in Ridley Scott's "Alien" with an apocalyptic sense of the last survivors signing off before the darkness engulfs them."

Read the Full Review Here.



Description:  Intra-Structure is an on-going, site specific, audio visual performance piece that integrates the sonic and visual components of a given performance space as the fundamental source material for the performance itself.  The first performance of Intra-Structure was Under the Arch of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  

Read a review here:

Artist Statement:  Intra-Structure is a lense and microphone aimed at a disintegrated continuum: A dissection and re-synthesis of perception.  Existing environments both natural and man-made captured then re-generated with voltage and light. A non-linear palimpsest amplified and projected with the accuracy and ambiguity of dream state; then sifted and analyzed as data not limited by strict rules of logic, time or space.


Visuals:  Anton Marini/vade | Music & Sound Design: Aerostatic | Sound Reinforcement: Rooftop Films

Audio Samples Recorded by: Michele Darling, Audio f/x Lab | Photos: James M. Daniel


JUNE 07, 2012                  


BAC @ The Archway

When: 8pm                      

Where: Adams Street at Water Street, DUMBO

Girls Like Bass featuring Monstah Black and Jessica Lee perform in the Arch under the Manhattan Bridge with visual artist Benton-C Bainbridge (Glowing Pictures) Derek Sweeney Kesler (Novia Lighting) and Hector Perez (The ALieNatioN.)   

The evening promises to be a spinning, shimmery, bioluminescent mothership of music, light, costumes and movement.


Brooklyn Arts Council's BAC @ The Archway is presented in partnership with the Dumbo Improvement District and is made possible, in part, by National Endowment for the Arts and One Dream Sound. Additional support for BAC programs is provided by the New York State Council on the Arts, the Brooklyn Delegations of the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and New York City Council and its Brooklyn Delegation.



GIRLS LIKE BASS performs at the R-Bar and Cin-M-Art in NYC early August.  Refer to Flyer below for details.

JULY 2011

Aerostatic member Michele Darling aka Femme-Bot Lei-lani 756 unveils her new Sci-Fi Electro Funk Ensemble "Girls Like Bass" with their first music video "Systematic."    




Lei-lani 756: Songwriter/Electronics/Vocals | Lizard: Guitars/Vocals/Video Editor | Monstah Black: Songwriter/Vocals

Hector Perez (The AlieNation) Costume Design | wetcircuit: video mix and projections | Mikhail Torich: Lighting/Camera 

re:VISION 2010

Winter and Spring season 2010 Aerostatic was commissioned to compose and perform pieces for re:Vision, the monthly interactive audio/visual/dance event at the Secret Theater in Long Island City.  These performances were sponsored and curated by Forward Motion Theater and Urban Wash Dance Co.



"Crack'd Beauty"  Dancer: Oceane McCord | Choreographer: Eric Dunlap | Visuals: wetcircuit | Music: Aerostatic

"Drink the Kool-Aid" Dancer/Choreographer: Rebekah Kennedy | Visuals: Mikhail Torich | Music: Aerostatic

"Anatomy" Dancer/Choreographer: Eric Dunlap | Visuals: wetcircuit | Music: Aerostatic




Suspended Life

"Suspended Life" David Rorie's latest short film uses Aerostatic track "Funck" as subtext for this documentary short about a young woman's fetish-centric performance art.  Disturbing yet sweet.



Shadow Show

October 2007 - February 2008

Real Art Ways - Hartford, CT

A/V Collaboration with Duncan Laurie

"Rockstar," Glass Artist Duncan Laurie's first foray into multi-media art is a demonstrative work that explores the interactive nature of subtle energy.  Laurie and engineer Gordon Salisbury employ a sensor array called the IBVA, which measures and converts the subtle voltages of a small chunk of Jamestown Granite into midi data.  That data is transformed via computer software into music and video that interacts with both musicians and visual artists.  The result is a surprisingly natural and unique musical expression.

Aerostatic composer/performer Terry Golob was camera operator/editor on this project.

Aerostatic composer/performer Michele Darling produced and engineered the music.

Aerostatic Music and N_Drew Video in Serbia


Multi-media Artist N_Drew integrates Aerostatic track "re_Fracture" in his video piece "Fracture" which is screening at Videomeja 2008 at The Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad.

Fracture is a music video inspired from the history of visual music and experimental animation, exploring light and 2-dimensional form using super-bright leds as an original light source. 

Moves Festival 2008

Art Cast - Folly Podcast
Music:  Aerostatic - GreenBabyHead
Visuals: Ndrew (AKA Andrew Bucksbarg)
A music video which takes inspiration from the history of visual music and experimental animation.  It explores light and two-dimensional forms.

Providence Art Windows

June 18 – September 18, 2008


Providence Rhode Island

Title: “Primordial 1 and 2.”

Music: Aerostatic

Visuals: Forward Motion Theater

A collaborative ecosystem involving nature, musicians, visual artists and technology, the sonic elements of Primordial One began as an experiment exploring the subtle energies of a saltwater aquarium.  Utilizing the IBVA interface to convert low voltage energy into midi data, Aerostatic routed those signals into software synthesizers, facilitating the bridge between nature and modern compositional technologies.  Primordial One presents the result of this interaction.  Primordial Two takes this exploration further, utilizing filters, envelopes and a variety of digital processors to remix the original composition extending the collaboration between nature, musicians and technology.