Based in Brooklyn, New York, Composer/Performers Terry Golob & Michele Darling AKA Aerostatic have been working with music and technology since 2004. Utilizing artifacts of sound generated by digital and analog processing in conjunction with a variety of interactive technologies, they compose a hybrid style of electronic music for films, installations and music performance.

Aerostatic’s music has been featured in venues, museums, festivals and performances in the United States, Argentina, England, Austria, Italy, and Australia.

Aerostatic’s Music and Sound Design clients include Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop), Moshi Monsters, HBO, The Learning Channel, Four Kids Entertainment and the Criterion Collection.


"aerostatic upload the brain universe that compressed the acidHUMANIX infectious disease of a chemical=anthropoid to the biocapturism corpse feti=streaming circuit of this abolition world."
- Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric


'Code' EP available on Native State Records

Aerostatic's 5 track Digital EP 'Code' is a sonic cross-section of microbeats, macrobeats, atmoshperes and ambience. 'Code' is available for download at Native State Records and Beatport.

Mirex Records 12" 'Gully Gotham Grit, Vol. 1'

Breakcore 12" from Mirex 'Gully Gotham Grit, Volume 1' features New York artists: Aerostatic, Mad EP, Bit Shifter, Twenty Knives, Submerged, and Math Head. 'Gully Gotham Grit' is avaiable at Mirex Records.

Native State Records compilation release 'Beneath the Surface'

Native State's ambient compilation features music by Aerostatic, Bluetech, Nalepa, David Last, krill.minima, among several others. 'Beneath the Surface' "weaves it's way into the listener's experience through deep ambient landscapes, chrysatlline digital beat structures and lyrical organic melodies over the course of 13 tracks". It is available on Native State Records and via download at Beatport.

Hub Culture Retrospective: Antarctica DVD

Hub Culture and Forward Motion Theater present Hub Culture Retrospective: Antarctica, a DVD art piece of Antarctica footage with an ambient soundtrack by Aerostatic.
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